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HumNow is a phrase that has been heard in the dugout for decades. You will often hear HumNow when a pitcher is in the process of throwing the ball to home plate. A cheer, if you will, that is specific to VELOCITY. Hence, our company, HumNow, developed by a group of friends working in the baseball industry and in love with all things baseball and VELOCITY. A Top Velocity Company.

Velocity in today’s sports is apparent everywhere you turn. Whether it be velocity to the plate or off the bat in baseball, a tennis serve, a golf shot, a race car driving, a slap shot or a QB throwing the football, the admiration for speed and direction has taken over sports. As a company, we are here to celebrate that with an apparel line geared toward velocity.

We hope you enjoy our unique designs and apparel as much as we do. If there is something you would like to see, simply message us. We will continue to celebrate velocity in sports in a variety of ways through our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #HUMNOW #HUMNOWAPPAREL

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With your purchase, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the MLB B.A.T. program. To read more about the B.A.T. program, please visit: As a company, we feel it is important to give back and your purchase is a big part of that.

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Our Passion

We’re a bunch of guys that like wearing comfy clothes. Who doesn’t right? We strongly feel the quality of our product will speak for itself and we’re betting after you try our product on, you’ll agree! While we are starting this initial line geared toward baseball and softball, rest assured that we have hundreds of unique designs waiting in the wings for all sports!

Want to be part of our passion? We would love to see pictures of you wearing our gear and encourage you to send those to us so we can feature you and your loved ones on our social media platforms. We would also love seeing your athlete’s HUMNOW moment in any sport on video. Just remember, tag us and use #humnow or #humnowapparel and we will find you!

Join us in our admiration for top velocity in all sports while sportin' some sweet swag.

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